FanWraps Zombie Window Buddies, “Gory Gary”

Window Graphics:

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, check your backseat.  You just might have a tag-a-long. Our zombie window graphics will make your commute a lot more interesting. Your neighbors may think they are seeing things when they spy a zombie head in your upstairs window. Safe for any surface- home or auto, zombie heads will keep the adrenaline pumping.


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FanWraps Zombie Window Buddies
“Gory Gary”:

– Gory Gary head
– Window grabbing hand
– FanWraps branding.

Layout Sheet Size:
19.75″ x 13.75”


DIY Installation, Automotive grade materials, UV & Water Resistant, Won’t damage your vehicle, Clean Removability, Safe on home surfaces and walls.

Note: Installation kits are usually not needed for our small singles and stripe kits. However, if you do wish to purchase additional installation kit items, visit our products page. Installation instructions can be found HERE or downloaded in PDF format.